I began sculpting in 2004, realizing a life long dream. I’ve always been enthralled with art, history and the military and have wanted to combine the three into one for some time.

The Bronze Star series is my first attempt at sculpture of any kind. Having no formal training in this medium, I have struggled through every aspect, from the clay maquette to the finished bronze sculpture. I have gained tremendous insight and respect for this expression of art.

Having served in the military and worked various military related jobs, I feel my work ethic and attention to detail has had a direct influence in each sculpture I create. As an artist, there is no higher compliment for me than to have one’s work inspire memories, emotions and sometimes tears. My current work of military figures has created a connection with veterans, invoking stories relating to their military service and their friends lost to war and time. I am truly humbled and proud of their courage and am honored to pay tribute through my sculptures.

I feel very fortunate to be able to convey the mind’s eye into a three dimensional work of art. My goal is to create a snapshot in time and to capture the chaos and calm of military life, past and present.